Civility: Difficult People and Conversations in the Workplace

Civility: Difficult People and Conversations in the Workplace

1 Hour CLE Credit: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professional Responsibility

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the impact working with difficult people and engaging in difficult conversations can have on those in the legal profession;
  • Understand that dealing with difficult people and situations can increase mental health problems and negative coping mechanisms;
  • Learn how to minimize behaviors which create more problems in dealing with difficult people and conversations;
  • Learn how to increase behaviors which place boundaries and limits on difficult people and difficult conversations and;
  • Learn skills to help manage difficult people and engage in difficult conversations more effectively.

Course Description

Difficult people are everywhere. However, when they exist in the workspace, in the courts, and the clients with whom we work, it can create major issues which influence personal health and wellness. The legal field can be a very stressful work setting and adding hostile persons to the work environment can make it feel impossible to cope. This program will support attorneys, judges and law students in understanding the psychological, physical, and emotional impact of dealing with difficult people at work. Additionally, providing helpful skill sets to manage and minimize the negative impact these people and conversations have on us will also be provided. This presentation will provide skills and behaviors which will help you feel more empowered and in control while working with difficult people or engaging in difficult conversations.


1.0 hour MH/PR CLE credit in Illinois
This course includes: