The Mindful Attorney

The Mindful Attorney

1 Hour CLE Credit: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professional Responsibility

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what resiliency and wellbeing effectively mean for attorneys as a vulnerable population
  • Defining mindfulness, its benefits and relationship to the legal practice
  • How to develop your own mindfulness practice
  • The impact of chronic stress and forming thoughtful responses to limit negative responses and impact better decision making

Course Description

The Mindful Attorney explores the science behind mindfulness, identifies why attorneys are a vulnerable population to maladaptive coping skills, and integrates evidence-based strategies for coping with stress inherent to the legal profession. Skills covered by this program include recognizing the impact of stress on decision making, learning to use mindfulness techniques to become less reactive when facing stressors and adversity, and learning new mindfulness techniques an individual can utilize to limit the negative impact of stress on personal resiliency and wellbeing


1.0 hour MH/PR CLE credit in Illinois
This course includes: