The Resilient Lawyer

The Resilient Lawyer

1 Hour CLE Credit: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professional Responsibility

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what resiliency is and what science has discovered about resiliency
  • Identify the characteristics of a resilient person
  • Why attorneys are a vulnerable population
  • How to cultivate your own resilience in everyday practice

Course Description

The legal profession is an inherently challenging field requiring its members to zealously fight to overcome challenges for both their clients and themselves. The intense demands of the profession combined with the high rates of substances abuse and mental health issues confirmed by recent studies makes cultivating healthy skills for overcoming the challenges and stressors of our field a MUST.  Participants in this program will learn what LAP is, why attorneys are a vulnerable population, how the science of resiliency is useful for attorneys, and how to cultivate resiliency to better “roll with the punches” in one’s professional and personal life.


1.0 hour MH/PR CLE credit in Illinois
This course includes: