Your Best Thinking in the Worst Situations: Improving Decision Making Under Stress

Your Best Thinking in the Worst Situations: Improving Decision Making Under Stress

1 Hour CLE Credit: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professional Responsibility

Learning Objectives

  • Define and delineate stressful events and common reactions to stress
  • Identify common thinking and judgment errors that may arise under stressful situations
  • Demonstrate evidenced-based strategies for improving our thinking and decision-making under stress:
  1. The Principle of “Persistent Patience” (based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction);
  2. Cognitive Challenging; and
  3. Managing uncertainty and resolving decisional ambivalence with intuition”

Course Description

The stress of contemporary legal practice takes a toll on our abilities to consistently perform at our best, especially in the most difficult situations.

Best Thinking identifies and explains the most common errors in judgment resulting from stress, and provides practical proven approaches to avoid them. It is a guide for attorneys seeking to improve the outcomes of stressful and demanding situations.

Best Thinking integrates three evidence-based strategies for improving judgment and decision-making by combining proven psychological and cognitive therapies that produce practical solutions that can be employed in ‘the heat of battle.’ The first two strategies are offered to identify, challenge, and change our thinking and decision-making under stress. The third strategy strives to improve intuitive thinking while managing uncertainty and increasing confidence in making difficult decisions.


1.0 hour MH/PR CLE credit in Illinois
This course includes: